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What Were the Egyptian Pyramids Used for?

Bronwyn Harris
Bronwyn Harris

The ancient Egyptians built pyramids as tombs for their Pharaohs, or kings. A Pharaoh would begin planning his tomb, or "house of eternity," as soon as he took the throne. This was because the Egyptian pyramids held many items in preparation for the afterlife. It was believed that the Pharaohs would need many of his belongings, as well as slaves, for the afterlife.

There are more than 100 Egyptian pyramids, each built for a different person. Most pyramids were actually pyramid complexes including a main pyramid surrounded by a courtyard, a nearby mortuary temple, and a small cult pyramid that was to house the king's soul. Some pyramids had nearby small pyramids or other kinds of tombs set aside for family members.

A pyramid complex in Egypt.
A pyramid complex in Egypt.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that death began a journey that brought the person to the next world of the afterlife. The king was mummified and the mummy kept inside the pyramid both for protection and for easier travel to the afterlife. His belongings were kept with him in the pyramid so that he might have access to them in the afterlife.

There was a specific reason for the shapes of the ancient Egyptian Pyramids. They believed that the Pharaoh ascended to heaven on the rays of the sun. The sun's rays, which a Pharaoh would use to climb to the afterlife, were symbolized by the shape of the pyramid. The pyramid shape could also have been a monument to Ra, the Sun God, who was believed to have created all life.

Mummies such as this one were placed within pyramids.
Mummies such as this one were placed within pyramids.

The location of the pyramids were also important, since the pyramids needed to be located under the stars which were considered the most important. Most pyramids were built on the west bank of the Nile because the sun was thought to "die" in the west each night.

The first of the Egyptian pyramids of ancient Egypt was built in 2611 B.C. for Pharaoh Djoser. This pyramid did not have smooth sides, but instead was comprised of six step-like levels. The "Bent Pyramid," the first pyramid without steps, was built approximately thirty years later. The angle of its sides were changed about halfway through construction, making the sides appear bent. This pyramid was not very tall.

Pharaohs were believed to ascend to heaven on the rays of the sun.
Pharaohs were believed to ascend to heaven on the rays of the sun.

About fifty years later, the largest of the pyramids at Giza was built. This pyramid was a true feat of engineering, built of about two million stone blocks, with each block weighing as much as fifteen tons. It took over 80 years to build all three pyramids located at Giza.

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To blindly follow what we are taught and to never question anything is wrong. We should always question things around us that seem off or don't quit fit. All throughout history have the intellectuals been criticized and demonized for questioning the norm, just to find out that later they were 100 percent accurate. If you believe this article is accurate, that is OK. But don't be so smug to talk down to someone who thinks differently about something that has not been proven.


If the pyramids were used to create the atmosphere, maybe we could use the same concept to Tera Form other planets like Mars. I'm not sure how many pyramids there are. I only know the three we see in a lot of images and the atmosphere is made up of nitrogen, oxygen,argon, and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is produced by volcanic eruptions so maybe the three pyramids were used to produce the other remaining elements making up our atmosphere, but hey it's just a theory.


Is it possible that the pyramids were used for terra forming the Earth? Could they have been used to create the atmosphere?


Why did the Egyptians believe in Ra but not in god if he was going to heaven?


Why are pyramids important?


The Giza pyramid was coated in solar reflective mirrorlike casing. When you restore the reflectivity, it’s simple pictionary. It’s a super volcanic mirror, which is a very real phenomena where highly solar reflective volcanic acid raindrop aerosols get into the stratosphere, surround the earth, and reflect away the sun, which drops the earth’s temps every time.

Its instruction is to cool earth, and you read it like a duck crossing sign. See NASA Pinatubo 1991 volcanic aerosols. There are more rebus megaliths. Easter Island is also one. It’s a rebus of the very real ring of fire volcanoes it sits within. There are nearly 1,000 volcano statues in a ring, some dormant, and some with erupting red tops. The only way to get it closer would be add faces to the real volcano ring and then they would be twins.

I can cool your planet. The instructions are written across the earth in giant stone, like the tablets of Moses. If I were wrong you would not see the pictionary of super volcanic mirrors on any pic of the great pyramid you restore the mirrors to.


Tomorrow is my history exam and I'm studying just one day before the exam and this website helped me a lot! And for pyramids, I have one word: Illuminati. These were the people who worshiped Satan! Take a look at an American dollar you'll see the all seeing eye! I think pyramids were made by extra terrestrials and even if Albert Einstein was present at that time, he wouldn't have been able to accomplish this.


I think that the Great Pyramid was built using water locks and the Great Pyramid was a water pump! There is a web site with a video series about this.


I laugh at the notion that people believe that the pyramids were built by humans of the ancient times using primitive tools. Like, how would anyone who has any sense of logic can clearly see this? Not even with modern technology or, what we think to be as "modern" could we ever come close to building these megalithic structures, like really?

If the strongest cranes made by man have difficulty moving 70 tons of rock in any orderly fashion, how could anyone believe that the ancient Egyptians using ropes and copper tools could somehow chisel perfectly cut stones ranging in weight from the smallest being 1 ton up to 100 tons and stack them 400 feet tall with extreme precision in which a human hair cannot fit in between the spaces of the blocks? If anyone believes that primitive humans built these you are simply arrogant. I don't care if you're the best known sculptor in the world.

Until someone can figure out how to chisel perfectly smooth 90 degree angles out of a solid block of granite using a copper tool, it is clear that whoever built these were anything but primitive.


Excuse me? Actually there is evidence, and a bit of it. I am 100 percent sure of this. Now sadly, this is a 15 year old girl writing this but that should not matter, now should it?

Getting sidetracked while writing a report is what has happened here. I feel the need to inform you that yes, they were, in fact, used as burial chambers. Maybe not all of them. But many of them.


Want to see a modern day pyramid? Look up a satellite image of Stratford, Ontario. Zoom in on the map until you see the pyramid shape with the cornerstone missing. Yes, it’s a pyramid and at the top of this lovely structure there is a Sphinx as well. There is even a Nile Street to the East of the pyramid making this the home of a female queen (females built their pyramids west of the Nile). So who owns this wonderful structure in Stratford? Juliet, of course, since Stratford is based on this fun little fairy tale by none other than Shakespeare -- a Mason.

Now, why do we have pyramids all around the globe? Observe. The first letter of the alphabet looks surprisingly like a pyramid. Let’s look a little closer and assume the mindset that whomever built the pyramids also structured the modern alphabet we use.

Since pyramids were very important then -- as they are now -- let’s make the “A” the very first letter of this alphabet so everyone can have a good look at it for the rest of their lives. Watch what happens: Asia, South America, North America, Australia, Africa, Antarctica -- you get the picture. If someone has an answer for Europe, let me know.

If you’re going to create a fancy structure such as a pyramid or a church or a nice government building you would need a mason, of course. But what is the purpose of a pyramid? Well, the pyramid is basically the outline of society’s structure anywhere in the world. From the elite at the top on down to the peasant / slave on the bottom. Ironically the, slave bears all the weight of the top.

Let’s go back to Stratford, Ontario, home of a modern-day pyramid. In its design, if we look closely, we will see the base of this pyramid (Lorne Avenue) is dotted with all the builders you would need for a modern structure, along with the plumbers, bricklayers, electricians and everything else you need to keep your pyramid in top running condition. Notably, there are 13 side streets that go into the pyramid on the east side which coincides to the number of layers on the pyramid on the US dollar bill. This corresponds to the 13 degrees of the Scottish Rite. Ta-da! Mystery solved.

At the top of the pyramid on the US dollar, we have that creepy all-seeing eye on top, but what does it really mean? Back to Stratford we go again and let’s check out what is in the eye of the Stratford pyramid. We have police, courts and a neat little shop called Eye Talk. City hall is pretty much at the apex of the pyramid, which, of course is fitting since it is the wonderful politicians throughout the world who keep an eye on the rest of us and make sure we are ruled correctly and keep building the pyramids at a satisfactory pace. Slaves are paid with coins which in Canada, have the face of the queen on the reverse of every coin. Ironically, a number of years ago the queen had made comment about Stratford being the most beautiful city in the world. I wonder why? Can you guess?

Masons built the pyramids and continue to do so today. They also control the world in the form of government, church and monarchy. Oh and they also wrote some notable books such as the Bible and Shakespeare (as he was illiterate). Look at the Bible, then look at Shakespeare’s writings. Similar in style. The same people wrote both. It’s not hard to figure out. Masons have dotted history, not since the 1700s, but from far back in recorded and prerecorded history. They are an extremely powerful group of elite who rule the planet. Obelisks are everywhere as well. From Stratford to Washington to Rome, these structures are everywhere. But why? Cruise your local old graveyard and see if you can see any in there on top of graves. I’ll bet you there is a Mason under them.

Moving along. The obelisk is a representation of the man’s penis. The top of the obelisk is shaped like a pyramid. So the pyramid is male : A. If a pyramid is male, what is female? Any guesses? The “V” as noted in many words in our English language such as Virgin, Vagina, Venus (female planet). Slide your A and V together and what do you have? The Star of David, or the symbol on the Israeli flag.

We all know that Egypt was troubled by the horrible asp or snake. So was Stratford because if you look at the satellite image of Stratord and look closely, zooming in or out you will see the railroad tracks are clearly laid out in the form of a snake which is biting at the pyramid, which on closer inspection looks like the snake is biting a female breast, which also drives home the fact that the home of the Stratford pyramid is occupied by a female.

Since Stratford itself is based on Romeo and Julietm we must assume that the pyramid belongs to none other than Juliet. Since there is a Romeo Street in Stratford and no Juliet Street, any logical human who has any knowledge of this play will know that Juliet is waiting for her Romeo. There is a Romeo Street. He comes from the east, as did the wise men in the Bible. Ask city planners in that city and I’m sure you will find there were never any plans for a Juliet Street and probably never will be, although many elite will deny the existence of any pyramid scheme being implemented in that lovely little town.

The owl watches over everything (collects the vermin of society, etc.) and of course, it is only fitting that this group of elite would have an owl as their animal symbol. In Stratford, much of the city has owls built into the architecture such as the city hall, courthouse, churches etc. There is even an owl in the tower of the courthouse looking down at the jail where the prisoners are held to keep close watch on them. The owl doesn’t just watch prisoners locked up, though. Oh no. It watches the slave pyramid builders as well. It is keeping close watch on them, as it does on the American dollar bill where there are two owls, one big and one small. A quick search will show both.

Spreading out across the globe, you will find many owls and pyramids built into and on structures that let the Masons know they are in control and I’m sure those in the know get a great chuckle to themselves as they drive through your city, knowing that they control it as well.

Since I feel the Masons had a hand in writing the Bible as well, take a look at this: “God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes so that they could not see and ears so that they could not hear, to this very day.”

Seems to me the writer of this is saying that people are stupid and can’t see things and I guess the writer is right, since most people on this planet still don’t have a clue who really built the pyramids back then and today. That’s control.

Now you have eyes. Go see.


Everyone who commented that the pyramids had no mortuary function is wrong. they are attempting to prove their dramatic ideas with invalid evidence.

There are huge amounts of archaeological and literary (from the Egyptians themselves and not just the Greeks) evidence that mean that we can assume, beyond reasonable doubt, that amongst various other religious and sociological purpose - the Pyramids were tombs.


Why weren't all pharaohs buried in pyramids? My history teacher wants us to revise that for our next test on ancient Egypt.


Were the pyramids used for parliamentary government centers and/or for political, societal and religious unity?


No one has actually mentioned it might be possible that at a different time, the earth's alignment in the universe actually did produce some great power that could be harnessed with basic tech.

I cannot explain some of the masonry achieved at this time in history, but I'm not going the ancient alien bit because advanced alien cultures would not bother making or teaching how to make stone monuments. Some great power was harnessed to build some of the structures we see today. The understanding of math, however, remains a mystery.


No one really knows what the pyramids were used for. There were many hoaxes, such as people putting mummies into the tombs and carving the name of the pharaoh in hieroglyphics but there is no real evidence that the pyramids were used as tombs. None. And sadly, this is a 14 year old girl writing this paragraph. What has happened to people these days? Get more evidence wiseGEEK.


And you say this with what evidence?


Pyramids are not tombs. There has never been a mummy found in a pyramid. All of the mummies of past kings and Pharaoh's have been found in underground burial chambers in the Valley of the Kings. There was salt on the inside walls when Giza was first discovered by Europeans. They all will resonate to certain frequencies as well due to the precise size and shape of chambers.

There was a sarcophagus (coffin) found in one in the 1950s that was still sealed. It was empty. No mummy. The pyramids most likely had multiple uses, but burial chambers is not one of them. This is the dogmatic belief that is present in Egyptology today.


It's a good website. I started a social study project and I saw the information written in this website. thank you! it helped a lot!


actually, the Pyramids were not used as tombs. They were power plants. Wireless technology has been around for Thousands of years. Tesla's Tower would have made WiFi available in 1920, if JP Morgan and the Corporate Elitists hadn't already taken control by creating the Corporation title United States of America when we filed bankruptcy in 1913. Read "The Pyramid Code" by Kultur Films. Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Keepers said that their culture has no "word" for "death". It's called westing, which is why each pyramid is perfectly aligned on lat/long addies all over the globe. Bunk on WiseGEEK - do more research!


this helped me so much. thanks.


This is actually correct. I looked up "What were pyramids?" that came up with multiple of the same answer. That they were used for tombs. Don't listen to these buffoons who beg to differ. This website helped me so much for my history report of Ancient Egypt. You did a fantastic job! Thanks so much.


This was a life saver. I had like an hour left to turn in an assignment on Egyptian burials for my online college class and this helped out a ton. Thanks a lot.


this article was very helpful for my project that is very long. it was very informative as well.


thank you for this great information on pyramids. very helpful for my projects!


your website really helped me on my scroll that i had to do in history class. thank you very much!


Actually, the genius who created the Pyramids was for all intents and purposes a single individual. After his reign, the Pyramids then became what we know from history. It is like a gang of hooligans robbing an electronics store and have no idea of how the stuff works, just that it looks impressive so we're going to keep it. Catastrophe on a global scale led to this condition. So what was it for? Was the intellect that created this shape without direction? Just build it because as Oppenheimer was reported to have said, it was just too beautiful not to. No funerary item, this.


this is a great website for pyramids. Thanks.


thanks. i had to build a pyramid with the chambers inside and make it look "realistic" and write an eight-page paper. thanks.


this is great help for kids. this is the only site i have found with this information on it. thanks for the help!


much help indeed. thanks a lot!


thank you so much. this site helped me a lot in my 10-page essay!


thank you so much. hopefully you read these comments so that you can know how many people you help. Good job.

P.S. For every person who posts a comment there is probably another hundred who don't.


I used this on a nine-page research project my teacher made me do. Thanks!


cool site ashame about the information :)


here's a guess, the chambers in there are covered with salt right? could it have been a sea water purifier?


this really helped. my evil teacher wants me to write a book about pyramids.


this helped me a lot in my five page essay. thanks a lot.


Hey thanks!


thanks for the help. used it for a powerpoint.


i'm sorry dude but this is all wrong. the pyramids aren't tombs and they are way older. there is no evidence whatsoever that they were tombs. Not even a sarcophagus would fit inside the supposed burial chamber.


this helped me on my english homework. Thanks so, so much. P.S. Without this i could not complete my homework.


according to some websites the great pyramid was actually a huge water pump.


thanks for helping me on my report. great job building those awesome and cool pyramids. they are so big inside. even though i never saw them i researched them and found how long and how much creatively it took to build them. thanks very much, all the Egyptians out there!


i went to a lot of sites for my project and this is definitely the best. Thanks so much.


Thanks. You helped me on some info for my project.


do you have more info about this?


This site helped me a lot for my report. thanks. :P


I have looked through I don't know how many websites to finish my report, but out of all of them, this site is definitely the best, and it helped me the most! Thank you so much! =D


This is awesome! Thanks!


I would like to learn more about the soul travel from the pyramids to the Sirius Star System. Does anyone have more information?


There actually were bodies found in some pyramids. I went and saw some in an Egyptian museum. It was really cool. They were all shriveled and weird. It's hard to imagine that they were once actual people.


wrong! They were used for soul travel to the sirius star system.


The information you are going on was put forth by the greeks around 500 AD and has gone basically unquestioned ever since. Tell me why none of the great pyramids were ever found with a body in them. They say the cause was grave robbery, however there is little evidence to support this. These were not tombs, the truth is that like the "Mayan" temples we still do not understand why these structures were built and what purpose they must have served. For insight into this matter consider reading "Fingerprints of the Gods". I hope this was useful.


This is so cool and I even put you web site on my favorites because it has helped me sooooo much. THANK YOU!:)


What do the pyramids tell us about Egyptian life?

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    • A pyramid complex in Egypt.
      By: Hartmut Lerch
      A pyramid complex in Egypt.
    • Mummies such as this one were placed within pyramids.
      By: Tatty
      Mummies such as this one were placed within pyramids.
    • Pharaohs were believed to ascend to heaven on the rays of the sun.
      By: eugenesergeev
      Pharaohs were believed to ascend to heaven on the rays of the sun.