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A city council has local, elected representatives.

What is a City Council?

A city council is a type of government in which elected council members supervise a city's government. The way a city council is...

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In its attempt to manage the growth of cities, urban planning aims to coordinate the development of new buildings, influence and adhere to zoning regulations, improve transportation systems and enhance the look of an area.

What is City Planning?

City planning is a profession in which planners guide the present and future growth of a city. The key of good city planning is...

Packages and letters sent via a postal service are considered snail mail.

What is Snail Mail?

Snail mail is traditionally delivered paper mail. Many people still prefer using snail mail to electronic mail, since...

Most modern pirates, including those who operate off the Somali coast, use small motorboats to attack larger commercial vessels.

Do Pirates Still Exist?

Pirates do still exist, and are estimated to cost billions of dollars to the global economy. Hotspots for modern pirates include...

Alamut Castle was seized by the Mongol Empire in 1256.

What Is the Hashashin?

The Hashashin were a radical sect within the Nizari Ismaili branch of Shi'i Islam. Known for their assassination of high-profile...

Cuneiform, which is considered the first real form of writing, was developed in southern Mesopotamia about 5000 years ago.

What is Cuneiform?

Cuneiform is an extremely ancient written language. Written with a wedge-shaped tool on tablets of clay, cuneiform is thought to...

Cave paintings came about during what is known as the New Stone Age.

What Was the Stone Age?

The Stone Age was a period in human prehistory from the first toolmaking through the development of metallurgy. In the Stone Age...

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